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We take pride in our products and our wide variety of textured finishes.

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Stucco foam trims bring out the personality on the architectural design of any home.
We offer a wide range of various textured stucco finishes.
All colors are available for exterior stucco finish, premium acrylic finish and fenestra interior finish.
With stone veneer you too can add that custom look to your home at an affordable price.
              Traditional vs. Synthetic

Traditional stucco siding has been used in homes for generations. In the 1950s, traditional stucco began to be replaced by synthetic stucco siding in some homes. 

Traditional stucco siding is made from portland cement, sand, lime, and water. This mixture is applied in three coats over a lath base, the third being the desired textured  finish. 

Synthetic stucco is multilayered. There is a foam insulation board a coat of the synthetic stucco, fiberglass mesh, and then a top coat. Unlike traditional stucco, synthetic stucco includes built-in color and does not need to be painted. Although more expensive, synthetic stucco lasts longer and wears better than standard stucco.